Dualboot with Windows 7

David Demelier demelier.david at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 22:04:44 UTC 2012


I try to create a dualboot with Windows 7, I set up partitions like that :

ada0s1 -> NTFS (windows recovery)
ada0s2 -> NTFS (windows main partition)
ada0s3 -> BSD
	ada0s3a -> freebsd-swap (3G)
	ada0s3b -> freebsd-ufs / (remaining space from drive)

And then I let the installer complete the step, because FreeBSD didn't 
let you (since 9.0) choose between the boot manager nothing was 
installed and the boot directly goes to Windows 7.

I installed EasyBCD to add a new entry to FreeBSD on the third 
partition, but when I choose the FreeBSD entry nothing happens, only the 
_ character blinking.

Thus I tried bsdlabel -B ada0s3 from the FreeBSD iso shell but it didn't 
solve. What can I do to boot FreeBSD now?


David Demelier

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