satisfying package dependencies from installation DVD when building a port -- HOW?

Robert Urban urban at
Thu Mar 15 17:11:56 UTC 2012

On 03/14/2012 05:50 PM, Polytropon wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2012 17:11:55 +0100, IMAP List Administration wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've just installed 9.0-RELEASE (amd64) in a KVM/Qemo VM on debian linux, which
>> is extremely painful because of the abysmal I/O performance, and would like to
>> build the virtio-kmod. After unpacking src.txz (xz -c
>> /cd/usr/freebsd-dist/src.txz | tar xf -) I did the following:
>>     # cd /usr/ports/emulators/virtio-kmo
>>     # make clean install
>> at this point I saw port names such as perl, tcl, neon, sqlite, etc fly past. 
> You can use the command
> 	# make missing
> to get a list of which dependencies need to be installed.
> See "man 7 ports" for other targets that might be useful.
this was helpful.

>> I tried setting PKG_PATH to "/cd/packages" and to "/cd/packages/All", but when I
>> simply try to test using, for example, "pkg_add perl" pkg_add simply says "can't
>> stat package file".
> Change CWD to the location of the packages (on CD) and
> try again. According to "man pkg_add":
> 	If the packages are not found in the current
> 	working directory, pkg_add will search them in
> 	each directory named by PKG_PATH.
> If there's still an error, can you provide the command
> you entered plus the output? Maybe adding -v helps to
> give some more information.

I seem to have found the "problem".  I read somewhere that PKG_PATH should have
the path to the top of the hierarchy, i.e., /cd/packages, and not
/cd/packages/<something> or /cd/packages/All, because pkg_add was capable of
adding the hierarchical component, but this is not the case.  I find that I must
set PKG_PATH to /cd/packages/<DIR> or /cd/packages/All in order for it to work.
Also, coming from OpenBSD, I assumed that I could supply pkg_add the "basename"
of a package, i.e., the name without version number ("p5-Text-Iconv" as opposed
to "p5-Text-Iconv-1.7") but this also does not work.  pkg_add apparently expects
everything except the ".tbz" extension.


Robert Urban

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