satisfying package dependencies from installation DVD when building a port -- HOW?

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Wed Mar 14 16:20:58 UTC 2012


I've just installed 9.0-RELEASE (amd64) in a KVM/Qemo VM on debian linux, which
is extremely painful because of the abysmal I/O performance, and would like to
build the virtio-kmod. After unpacking src.txz (xz -c
/cd/usr/freebsd-dist/src.txz | tar xf -) I did the following:

    # cd /usr/ports/emulators/virtio-kmo
    # make clean install

at this point I saw port names such as perl, tcl, neon, sqlite, etc fly past. 
Apparently the ports system satisfies dependencies from the ports tree by default.

Since I have not updated anything, it seems reasonable, and much less painful to
satisfy the dependencies using the packages on the installation DVD, which is
mounted on /cd.

I tried setting PKG_PATH to "/cd/packages" and to "/cd/packages/All", but when I
simply try to test using, for example, "pkg_add perl" pkg_add simply says "can't
stat package file".

I'm guessing it would be pointless to try to use a (remote) URL in PACKAGEROOT,
as the "-r" flag *must* be give in order for pkg_add to honor the setting, and
god knows how the ports system calls pkg_add, if at all.

I had a long look in the docs, but this stuff doesn't *seem* to be documented :(

Is it possible to get the ports system to satisfy dependencies using the
packages from the installation DVD?  If so, how?????


Robert Urban

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