Making Music / Video folders on FreeBSD visible on HD TV

Carmel carmel_ny at
Tue Mar 13 17:30:59 UTC 2012

Presently, I have three HD TVs, two Samsung and one Sony. On these TVs
there is a menu where I can access remote devices to access music or
videos. By marking the folders "shared" in Windows, these folders are
available on these TVs. I have found no way to accomplish the same
thing with my FreeBSD-8.2 PC. Simply using Samba and creating a shared
music or video directory does not work. I contacted Samsung and they
told me that they do not support architecture other than Microsoft & MAC
and that I should contact whoever wrote the OS I am working with for
assistance. I didn't bother with Sony since I assume I would have only
gotten the same response.

If anyone understands what I am talking about and has a feasible
solution I would love to hear. I had considered either mapping a drive
in Windows that pointed to the FreeBSD share or creating a link to it.
I would prefer not to have to go that route however, even if it did

I probably should add that this entire system is wireless with the
exception of the FreeBSD machine that is hard wired to the wireless

carmel_ny at

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