9.0 spontaneously reboots

Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Tue Mar 13 10:40:46 UTC 2012

On 13/03/2012 10:28, Volodymyr Kostyrko wrote:
> Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> On 13/03/2012 08:59, Volodymyr Kostyrko wrote:
>>> The only other weird thing about this server is:
>>> dev.cpu.0.temperature: 37,0C
>>> dev.cpu.1.temperature: 37,0C
>>> dev.cpu.2.temperature: 35,0C
>>> dev.cpu.3.temperature: 35,0C
>>> dev.cpu.4.temperature: 43,0C
>>> dev.cpu.5.temperature: 43,0C
>>> dev.cpu.6.temperature: 38,0C
>>> dev.cpu.7.temperature: 38,0C
>>> dev.cpu.8.temperature: 38,0C
>>> dev.cpu.9.temperature: 38,0C
>>> dev.cpu.10.temperature: 37,0C
>>> dev.cpu.11.temperature: 37,0C
>>> dev.cpu.12.temperature: 33,0C
>>> dev.cpu.13.temperature: 33,0C
>>> dev.cpu.14.temperature: 34,0C
>>> dev.cpu.15.temperature: 34,0C
>>> And it's consistent - cores 4 and 5 always are hotter then any other.
>>> This can be something with scheduler, however this started before any
>>> actual load. Though numbers are normal I had never seen something
>>> alike...
>> Two cores per socket, and 8 sockets on the board?  If so, that looks
>> absolutely fine to me.  The average temperature is 36.8C but 43.0C is
>> still well within spec.  That difference of just over 6 degrees is not
>> really significant and probably entirely due to different airflow
>> patterns over the different CPU sockets.  If you swap the CPU package in
>> that socket with one of the other ones, you'll find the hot spot stays
>> put.  You might be able to even things out by rerouteing cables, but
>> really it's not worth the hassle and won't make any perceptible
>> difference to performance.
> Nope:
> CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5620  @ 2.40GHz (2394.05-MHz
> K8-class CPU)
> FreeBSD/SMP: Multiprocessor System Detected: 16 CPUs
> FreeBSD/SMP: 2 package(s) x 4 core(s) x 2 SMT threads
> So the difference is about one physical core with two SMT threads.

Which explains why the numbers go in pairs -- there's only 8 physical cores.

Even so, I don't think there's any great problem there.  Different cores
in the same package can have different temperatures -- that's perfectly
normal, and due to the physical properties of the CPU package and the
local environment rather than any difference in processing load between



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