9.0 spontaneously reboots

Volodymyr Kostyrko c.kworr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 08:12:28 UTC 2012

Da Rock wrote:
>>> I have one machine behaving unstable. This happened before 9.0. After
>>> upgrading to 9.0 machine was given a light load and now it reboots.
>>> Memory
>>> was already tested (without any errors) and changed after another
>>> reboot.
>> So your RAM is good enough to pass a memory test. It doesn't mean it's
>> not
>> the culprit. Way too many false negatives from those things.
> Overnight soak test with memtest possible?

I'm currently thinking of moving projects from this server to get to it 
more closely. I can't take server down for so long. But it survives an 
hour in memtest.

Sphinx of black quartz judge my vow.

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