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On 03/13/12 02:14, Allen wrote:
> On 3/11/2012 7:33 PM, Da Rock wrote:
>> On 03/11/12 21:03, ajtiM wrote:
>>> On Saturday 10 March 2012 17:36:53 Da Rock wrote:
>>>> No system is actually truly capable of this, with the exception of the
>>>> newest kid on the block Plan9. Winblows, in its current form, is the
>>>> bastard love child of DOS and some black sheep cousin of Unix
>>>> (twice-removed), so its not happening there either; just some sleight of
>>>> hand tricks to partially achieve the result with a decrease of security
>>>> to boot.
> Windows is a poorly made joke. We all know this deep down. Does no one
> read Computer History? Microsoft was marketing Xenix before IBM said "We
> need an OS that blows for a Computer that has similar power to a
> calculator ten years from now" and Microsoft said "We can do that!"....
> Well, we can BUY that.... Seattle Computer Products has this OS called
> QDOS that is a rip off of CP/M and stands for "Quick Dirty Operating
> System" if we buy that for a rip off price and rename it Disk Operating
> System, even though it can't handle Disks anyway, we can use this!
>>> IMO it is the Microsoft and CO. tactics how to eliminate concurency -
>>> Unix,
>>> Mac... They never tried to be better...
>> Hah! They didn't need to. The guys who designed Unix finally wound up
>> their work once ported, and then said "we can do a lot better now" and
>> Plan9 was born. The change was too dramatic for commerce to change for
>> supposedly little reward, and so Plan9 was left on the backburner while
>> a lot of its features were integrated into other *nix platforms (rc,
>> file based devices, etc).
> Plan 9 is a record label started by Glenn Danzig. And a movie. As for
> the OS, I don't care. They got it right with Unix years earlier, why
> stop now?
You realise, of course, that a lot of things you take for granted on BSD 
Unix was ported from Plan9? Yes, they got it right the first time. _And_ 
the second. People were impressed, but it would have taken too much 
effort to change ingrained ways and habits.
> AT&T didn't care about Unix until they were allowed to make money off
> it, but the problem there, is that Berkeley got a copy of it, and some
> Brilliant Hackers started working on it.
> The CSRG at Berkeley did things that made more possible. Then they came
> up with BSD, and, well, we're still using it Today. Many people would
> consider 6 months to a year a long time in Computer terms, and 5 years
> with the same OS, is considered damn good. So what does this say about BSD?
> We're still using an OS that was born in 1969, changed in the 70s by the
> Brilliance of Berkeley, and now still going strong after so long. That's
> not only saying something, that's a Historical thing.
It is astounding. For around 20 years it hung around before they came up 
with something new, 40 years on and its still going strong - cars don't 
even last that long; or some buildings for that matter!
>> So in a way they did try to be better, but not exactly with the original
>> designers blessing. And Plan9 is still an immature child... shame.
> Oh well. We don't really have to deal with DOS anymore, and FreeDOS has
> done things even Microsoft couldn't buy their way through. Then we have
> Windows, Linux, Unix, and of course, the other toys from other people.
> I'd like BeOS to come back, but I'm quite happy with BSD and Linux.
> Of course, if I won the Lotto or something, I'd re-design my House, and
> turn this room into a true Computer Lab. My Wife and I both are into
> Computers, and we both Love Unix. We'd buy sun Machines, Sparcs and, for
> me, a full set of SGI Workstations and Servers. And I'd like them to be
> running IRIX, except the new ones, I don't know what I'd use on those.
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