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Mon Mar 12 12:14:20 UTC 2012

Olafiranye Olakunle wrote:
> What Commands to restart cacti ?please. Kunle 

You are too lazy to deserve help from that !	
We are not mind readers, so work harder !

State what 
	uname -a

State what version of cacti you use.

State if you read any/which docs. with package

FreeBSD supports 23,000+ packages 
Something called cacti does seem to be there
	grep -i cacti /usr/ports/INDEX*
yet Ive never heard of it, prob many others here too.

FreeBSD supports about 80 or so mail lists,

Select the list you decide most appropriate (eg freebsd-net@ maybe ? )

Then repost your request for help there,
with sufficient info that people can help you.

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