Eugene M. Zheganin emz at
Fri Mar 9 11:05:37 UTC 2012


On 09.03.2012 10:56, Bruno Comerci wrote:
> Instead of wasting your time and man power, why wont you join to the ReactOS project?
> It would be more beneficial to the internet community and to the users around the world who wants a free OS with similar looking and functions than Windows, if you just throw away your FreeBSD and join forces with the ReactOS team to accelerate their process.
The only project that has even worser situation with development than 
ReactOS is actually OS/2 community kernel development project, known as 

So why ReactOS. Who even needs EoL WinXP clone. Which is, by the way, 
still not production-ready.
Win8 is on its way. It will bury you completely.


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