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Thu Mar 8 13:05:01 UTC 2012

   Da   Sorry for top posting - my 'phone makes it difficult.
   Do   You made the same points    on-list debate about the strengths    ports and packages system.
   I don't se   I have certainly    releases in the past, so I c   Be that as it may, if you ca   time, money, or server resources to cre   system you're talking about I don't see how it help   harangue the user community about your wish to make FreeBS   like Debian.

   Peter Harrison

   From:   Sent: Wednesday, 7 March 2012 16:29
   To:<   Subject: Still having trouble w   I still have yet to find a resolution to   with
   binary packages and upgrades on FreeBSD   broken with
   every tool I have tried.
      There is no real reason why FreeBSD should not provide a facility fo   r users
   to be able to binary upgrade to the most recent version of al   packages
   with a simple upgrade command.
   One faulty arg   upgrade
   to new    for
   pro   install
   that will will work properly, and improve upon and fix problems with
   older   releases. This is why mainline release are differentiated from betas   and
   the CVS downloads which are experimental. So you really do want    most
   recent release, especially for corrections to any security p   Making
   upgrades more difficult actually makes the system more   exposing
   people for a long time to security problems tha   software but
   making it difficult for people to upgrad   
   As for the security issues of downloading binary pac   is
   source packages are not safer than binary packages   a bit.
   I am astonished that people here would not r   having safe
   binary installs is do-able from mirro   package
   management software download MD5s from   them and
   test the downloaded package, is    not be
   installed the user will be   problem
   to be sent to the Fr   releases are
   no more danger   insert
   bad cod   MD5
   checki   that
   As for compile   feature
   options and    packages, for
   the sta   build
   A good software philosophy is to all   box with
   as little configuration as po   configured
   by the user if they wan   defaults
   which can be overrid   complicated things doabl   hidden
   from users, but if pe   free to
   use advanced scr   control. In
   GUI design,    while
   advanc   advanced or
   ex   configured or
   A good user frien   packages
   of the ent   It
   should wo   date to
   rece   purpose of
   why dont the freebsd admin   that
   automatically compiles the s   ports
   are updated.
<   without doing a   system wide all at once OS-release upgrades at all. There is no re   ason why
   kernel and userland programs have to be upgraded at the same   Especially considering its a good design practice for kernel t   provide
   backward compatability. Instead the system would be pieceme   updated over
   time, including the kernel, in a piecemeal fashion. T   system
   wide OS distribution version numbers like FreeBSD    obsolete.
   Versions are still very valuable for the ke   of the
   entire system software, it has becom   from an
   age when people would receive   everything all at once, now soft   way
   over time with automatic upda   once
   system wide upgrades actual   meant
   often months would go b   delying the
   application of v   and the
   hacker, t   and
   Flash   an
   syst   between
   u   distribution   CD. The idea of waiting on a FreeBSD kernel release to upgrade firef   ox is
   absurd, and the idea that firefox must be upgraded during a ker   upgrade
   is also absurd. The piecemeal model is much more convenie   users,
   providing more up to date packages and no OS release up   hassle.
   There really should be little reason for release   these
   days, when the different parts of the system    independantly
   through a binary package management too   user
   When a new kernel   the
   packages on    userland
   packages h   there
   has to   
   Some here suggested PC-B   fact
   in its documentatio   to
   upgrade to a new ke   reinstall
   everything just   creates more
   trouble    more user
   un   the
system, a user having to upgrade userland packages for a kernel
   upgrade i   a symptom of serious design faults and deficiencies. These two part   should
   be able to be upgraded independently and a good system assur   backwards
   compatability support so older packages can run on a new   kernel.
   For now I have totally given up on FreeBSD, all I h   were
   problems, big problems. The lack of smooth binar   poor
   virtual box support made it very difficult t   _______________________________________________
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