Some questions about Link Aggregation and Failover

Jon Radel jon at
Thu Mar 8 04:06:20 UTC 2012

On 3/6/12 11:41 PM, bo wang wrote:
> Hello:
>        Recently I want to do Link Aggregation for increasing the
> speed. I use a Cisco 3750 Switche and two IBM Server R       with BSD
> 9.0 .I do link aggregation According to this page.
>        I use LACP .But when i have done ,the link aggregation  only can
> do Failover  .It cann't increase the  speed. What is the
> problem?Detailed configuration as follows

How are you measuring the speed to determine that there is no speed-up? 
  You're not, by some chance, sending test data between a single source 
and single destination address pair are you?

--Jon Radel
jon at

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