Still having trouble with package upgrades

David Jackson djackson452 at
Wed Mar 7 18:56:19 UTC 2012

> This is irrelevant.  FreeBSD has these options because most of its
> users are system administrators, developers or other types of geeks.
> Serving these needs is a major part of what FreeBSD does.  That's why
> we have the long standing motto: "FreeBSD - The power to serve".
> People who don't want these things, and insist on fool-proof upgrades
> will probably be happier running Windows, Mac OS X or some
> distribution of Linux.  I've been around email lists long enough to
> know that every operating system (MS Windows, Linux, etc) occasionally
> has its update nightmares.
> My advice to you is:
> 1. Define your needs.
> 2. Choose the best software to meet your needs.
> 3. Choose the best operating system to run the software.
> 4. Choose the best hardware to run the operating system.
> If you've performed these steps out of order, you're unlikely to be happy.
> Andrew

You have just now declared complete indifference to and alienated about 99%
of the potential user base and their needs, those who could care less about
compiling source and messing with compiler options.

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