USB Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision (mic problem SOLVED)

sean tech.junk at
Tue Mar 6 01:46:35 UTC 2012

I just managed to get the mic working built into the camera.
I followed the Sound steps below that are included in pkg-message and 
that did the trick.
Hopefully these notes will help others having mic problems with the 
Logitech camera.

NOTE: Just before I followed the below steps I did recompile my kernel 
to include "snd_hda" support.
After I finished that task I did try Skype and it did not work.
I mention this just in case if someone is troubleshooting such a problem 
and "snd_hda" might be needed.

                                     Thanks to all the helped,

2. Sound

Since the OSS interface was removed, Skype now uses linux-alsa compat 
By default you get one device corresponding to your default OSS dsp 
device (so
Skype will use it for ringing, incoming voice and mic). If that doesn't suit
needs, you can map the other dsp devices for example by editing
/compat/linux/etc/alsa/pcm/pcm-oss.conf. You need to (re)start Skype 
after you
edit this file in order to get Skype pick up the changes.
Adding the following to the stock file, and then starting Skype and choosing
in Options-->Sound Devices:   Speakers: oss1
will let you use the second dsp (usually the front panel connectors for your
headphones, while still hearing the call ringing and other notification 
on the
first dsp device (presumably the one you connect your speakers to).
pcm.oss1 {
         type oss
         device /dev/dsp1
         hint {
                 description "Open Sound System"

ctl.oss1 {
         type oss
         device /dev/mixer1
         hint {
                 description "Open Sound System"

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