David Walker davidianwalker at
Mon Mar 5 19:23:10 UTC 2012

Nikola Pavlović nzp at
> OK, here goes: (in Nelson Muntz's voice) Haha, you clown, that's what
> you get for believing what documentation says.  Use a magnetized needle
> and a steady hand you buffoon!

> There.  I respect! :)

Well played.

It's a serious issue for me after 15 years of Windows on the desktop
to change environment to FreeBSD.
I've reached this point after lengthy deliberation with the intent to
change once only.

While I consider it disappointing and surprising that man pages are
suspect (no doubt most are accurate) the bottom line is the community
response which includes man page writers and you and me.
Well played there too.

Disregarding any hiccups, I'm running FreeBSD on my main machine, I've
installed X11 and Gnome and it works better than I could have
envisoned - the first video I went to on YouTube played ... roll on
HTML5 ... sound works ...

Fix my tv card and I'll shut up. :]

Best wishes.

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