(inkscape-0.48.1_4) (missing header)

Nikolai Wendorf nick at wholesum.net
Fri Jun 29 20:00:35 UTC 2012

many thanks Boris!

failure to read UPDATING

also using output of portupgrade summary is bad idea - inkscape-0.48.1_4 
is what I was upgrading from
I'll quit using that and use the
--->  Upgrading 'inkscape-0.48.1_4' to 'inkscape-0.48.2_2' 
line instead

compiles fine after pkg_delete per 20120109

On 6/29/2012 11:14 AM, Boris Samorodov wrote:
> 29.06.2012 18:06, Nikolai Wendorf пишет:
>> Recent csup introduced this error a few week ago - I noticed nothing in
>> UPDATING and several following csup did not resolve.
> There is something strange with your system. If you have a recent ports
> tree then you should have inkscape-0.48.2. And then you may be
> interested at record "20120109: AFFECTS: users of graphics/inkscape".

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