OT: Linux EXT4 dump/restore equivalent?

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at insightbb.com
Fri Jun 29 05:28:34 UTC 2012

On Jun 28, 2012, at 11:59, Vincent Hoffman <vince at unsane.co.uk> wrote:

> We use dump to backup ext4 filesystems on linux (Centos6) at work

"Peter A. Giessel" <pgiessel at mac.com> responded:

> You can find a version of dump for Linux that supports ext4.  What I have been completely unable to find is a linux boot disk that has a version of restore
that supports ext4.  If anyone knows of one, I would be very interested.  I am very hesitant to use a backup scheme that doesn't have a clear recovery path.

I've used the System Rescue CD (sysresccd.org), which you can burn to CD or write to USB stick.

I haven't checked all the features, so I don't know if it includes restore for ext4.

Latest release version is 2.8.0 

It ought to read/write ext4. I think it would read (BSD) ffs or ufs v1 but not v2.


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