umodem/ppp/3g stopped working after update from 9.0-RELEASE to 9-STABLE

Mike Tancsa mike at
Thu Jun 28 15:10:04 UTC 2012

On 6/28/2012 1:54 AM, vermaden wrote:
> Hi,
> at the 9.0-RELEASE I have had fully working ppp/3g connection via the
> Dell 5530 modem in my Dell Latitude E6400 laptop. After I upgraded
> to 9-STABLE r237458 it does not work any more.
> Were there any significant changes in 9-STABLE that broke it?

Did it perhaps create more serial ports for you that were not there
before  ?  What is the output of
ls -l /dev/cuaU*


> Here is more detailed info:
> Regards,
> vermaden

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