32 bit to 64 bit

Derek Ragona derek at computinginnovations.com
Wed Jun 27 17:48:25 UTC 2012

At 08:37 AM 6/27/2012, Tim Kellers wrote:
>I'm upgrading a 7.3 -STABLE installation to 8.x, then 9- Stable over the 
>next few days.  The hardware is a Dell 2950 that is capable of running 64 
>bit FreeBSD.  The original installation was i386 32 bit and that is what 
>it is running now.
>Will the buildworld ---> buildkernel KERNCONF=FOO64 allow a 32 bit 
>installation to build a 64 bit kernel?  I'd like to upgrade this machine 
>to 64 bit AMD and I'd prefer not to do it from a DVD if I can do it from 
>source.   Has anyone tried this and succeeded (or failed spectacularly) on 
>a remote install/upgrade?
>Tim Kellers

The 2950's are a bit dated, so unless you have in excess of 4GB RAM, you 
don't need to move to 64-bit.  If you do choose to go 64-bit, I agree with 
the other posts, simply do a fresh install.  In doing a fresh install, save 
off the package list you have on the i386 build and reinstall those 
packages on the new 64-bit system.

Doing a fresh install will also save you time, since you can go right to 9, 
rather than doing two upgrades.

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