32 bit to 64 bit

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Wed Jun 27 17:33:11 UTC 2012

Odhiambo Washington writes:

>  > Will the buildworld ---> buildkernel KERNCONF=FOO64 allow a 32 bit
>  > installation to build a 64 bit kernel?  I'd like to upgrade this 
>  > machine to 64 bit AMD and I'd prefer not to do it from a DVD if
>  > I can do it from source.   Has anyone tried this and succeeded
>  > (or failed spectacularly) on a remote install/upgrade?
>  Please just don't do it.
>  Backup, Install new, restore configs and data!

	I'd go even further: 

	1) replace the old disk, and jumper it to "read-only".
	2) install 64-bit system on new disk.  (use the opportunity to
		adjust partition size/layout)
	3) mount the old disk externally, and copy as needed.
	4) when done, store the old disk in a safe, known spot for a

				Robert Huff

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