sysinstall diskPartitionEditor Question

Rick Miller vmiller at
Tue Jun 26 14:30:53 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I'd like to set the offset/starting cylinder in install.cfg so that
partitions begin on appropriate boundaries.  The applicable section of
install.cfg looks like the following.  My assumption is that I need to
make the changes in the "partition" section.  Is this correct?  Is the
format of this value the same as a typical fdisk config file?

### Begin install.cfg snippet


# root
\${disk}s1-1=ufs 12582912 /

# swap
\${disk}s1-2=swap ${swap} none

# tmp
\${disk}s1-3=ufs 2097152 /tmp 1

# 2 GB var
\${disk}s1-4=ufs 4194304 /var 1

# 2 GB home
\${disk}s1-5=ufs 4194304 /home 1

### End snippet

Take care
Rick Miller

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