printing jpeg slides to a Postscript printer

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Mon Jun 25 12:47:16 UTC 2012

El día Monday, June 25, 2012 a las 05:37:13AM -0500, Zane C. B-H. escribió:

> > Postscript printer (CUPS controlled), on each page 2 slides. I know
> > I could make some presentation from them or wrap them into a HTML
> > file, but I was thinking there must be some easy way with some tool
> > from our ports.
> > 
> > Any idea? Thanks in advance
> I would just load them up in print them in Libreoffice and print them
> once I was happy with how the page layout looked.

I did this with OpenOffice 3.x and you have
- 10 times to Inser Picture
- 10 times pic-up the correct picture from the file dialog
- 10 times to move the picture to the correct place in the page
- 10 times to scale the image so that two fit and adjust them a bit
- 4 time Create new page

it took me something like half hour to get it printed; this is not even
an option if you do it only once :-(

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