Omega Zip Drives on FreeBSD 8.*

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Mon Jun 25 05:16:48 UTC 2012

from Al Plant <noc at>:

> Thanks....

> Of the 4 I had to play with one literally fell apart one scsi card is
> throwing errors. The one I finally got working is an old IDE on a
> FreeBSD 10 box that I experiment with. This should work fine to archive
> the Omega disks we found.

>  Again thanks for heading me on the right path.

> ~Al Plant - Honolulu, Hawaii -  Phone:  808-284-2740

What fell apart?  Was it the Iomega Zip drive, the disk, or the scsi card?

I assume Omega is a typo or memory lapse for what should be Iomega?

IDE has given way on modern motherboards in favor of SATA, but current OSes would still have IDE/ATAPI support.

You might still be advised to backup or transfer the data on Zip disks to CDs, DVDs or USB sticks or hard drives.

Remember, Zip disks are just glorified floppies.


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