Is ZFS production ready?

Edward M eam1edward at
Sun Jun 24 22:38:12 UTC 2012

On 06/23/2012 10:38 PM, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>    last binary  production ready, used version 14; i  also found it 
>> to be stable
>>   Any opensource zfs pool verisons beyound that, i am not really sure 
>> about their stablity compared
>>  to UFS rock solid filesystem.
> No ZFS pool version can be as trusty as UFS because of ZFS on disk 
> structure that is plain dangerous.
> ZFS use tree-like structure for everything. If upper part of tree is 
> corrupted, everything below "disappears" and cannot be found.
> Having 2,3 or even 100 copies of metadata doesn't help if you would 
> have (maybe transient) hardware problem and bad metadata would be 
> writen 2,3 or even 100 times. with proper checksum of course.
> UFS uses flat structure - inodes in known places. superblocks are used 
> to find info about placement, and there are many copies of which only 
> first is updated under normal operation.
> In really unlikely case of all superblocks corrupted just use newfs on 
> virtual device (may be md) of same size, with same block and fragment 
> size, and byte per inode, and copy superblock from here.
    Dont email me privately. I like ZFS design however i was only 
questioning v28 stability for production
    compared to a mature production tested UFS.

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