Is ZFS production ready?

Edward M eam1edward at
Sat Jun 23 23:14:34 UTC 2012

On 06/21/2012 12:33 AM, Hooman Fazaeli wrote:
> Now, I want to the same thing on 8.3 and wanted to know
> your opinion on ZFS stability. Is there any success story using
> ZFS in 24x7, large volume, heavy duty servers? Is there any
> other option other than ZFS to build larger than 2TB file systems?

    I like the ZFS theroy, However I would have to question  ZFS Pool 
Version Number 28 stability,
    that is what freebsd 9.0 comes with. because it was never really 
used/marked as production ready by sun/oracle.
    in my opionion version 28 is consider as a development version. 
solaris 11 uses version 33 so that is consider
    as production ready but it is closed source. i think the last open 
zfs version pool marked as production ready,was pool
    version 14 and 15
    zfs sounds great however i would actally trust more UFS2 for 24x7 

   agian this is my opinion, could be wrong:-)

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