USB system: FreeBSD 9-STABLE and 10-CURRENT do not recognize 64GB USB drive while Linux and Windows do

Jerry jerry at
Sat Jun 23 11:19:02 UTC 2012

On Sat, 23 Jun 2012 15:50:05 +0700
Erich Dollansky articulated:

> USB is more a lottery than real computing for me.

That is really sad. I am sort of forced to use USB devices on a
daily basis, Luckily, very few of them involve FreeBSD, which is why I
do not exhibit such a negative attitude, except of course when I do
attempt to plug one in a FreeBSD machine with negative results. I do
not know what is more pathetic; the fact that so many devices fail to
operate correctly -- if at all --, or the willingness of the FreeBSD
community to accept it as the norm.

Jerry ♔

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