Is ZFS production ready?

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Sat Jun 23 08:21:28 UTC 2012

Hooman Fazaeli wrote:

> I meant, is it now possible to have >2TB FS with UFS?

Yes. The 2TB limitation so many are used to applies more to the tools than
the UFS2 file system itself. UFS2 has a max volume size of 2^73, or 8 
Zeta-Bytes. If you utilize the old Dos MBR scheme with old fdisk and 
disklabel tools you will still face the 2TB volume limit. Use Gpart, Glabel,
and GPT partitioning instead.

A quick and short example:

However, fsck'ing such large volumes will take considerable time if such a
thing needs doing. There is the new "Soft-update plus Journaling" coming
along with the advent of 9.x, which is supposed to ameliorate this. Not 
completely sold on it yet, as I don't have enough knowledge/experience yet.
Some may say "it's not just quite ready for prime time yet", but I don't really
know definitively myself.



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