backup tools

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat Jun 23 06:09:40 UTC 2012

> My criteria for procedures are:
> 1. They should minimize the need for additional software beyond the base
> system as much as reasonably possible.  This means not only that I do not

good idea.

> 3. They should provide for incremental backups.

do backed up laptops use FreeBSD or have another filesystem.

> 4. They should provide for the ability to quickly and easily test backup
> integrity without restoring the backups anywhere, which most likely means
> some kind of checksum comparisons akin to what rsync provides.
> 5. They should allow for transferring data from the system to be backed
> up to the backup server via SSH.

there is precisely one tool you need.


there is many "distros" of rsync for windoze if laptops run it. Not sure 
what actually works but i can check if you wish.

i use rsync for backup server, just config is different: my server is 
behind NAT, and it connects to backed up server with rsync

man rsync and read carefully, don't forget -b option it's very useful

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