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Sat Jun 23 05:42:55 UTC 2012

On Jun 22, 2012, at 8:28 PM, Jorge Biquez wrote:
> Hello.


> I am sorry if the following 2 questions could sound too stupid.
> a) Normally any Domain name registered has to have 2 Nameservers. Some registry like the one responsible for .ORG requires 2 at least to propagate the domain. In teh case of .COM that is not a requirement, one nameserver could work.

It's always a good idea to have at least two nameservers configured for any public domain, and best practice involves having nameservers located on different networks.

> If for some reason I have 2 of them and one is configured to point to SERVER A , and the other to SERVER B. Differenet places, same configuration. Is there any preference over what is PRIMARY NAMESERVER or SECONDARY NAMESERVER? I mean, Primary is the one used mainly?

No, DNS round-robin used on most platforms will rotate fairly evenly.  And the traffic can be cached by other nameservers for a long(er) time by upping TTLs, if you wish to reduce network traffic the tradeoff of making DNS changes take longer to be noticed, of course.

Bigger sites might adjust DNS traffic onto server pools with a load-balancer which does liveness checks of the nameservers and could be told to adjust traffic routing in various ways.  You can also do something similar via ipfw/natd's redirect_address  (see RFC 2391).

> b) I am looking for good list like this one for people developing, learning about Android Development. Any suggestion ?
> I am trying to setup a Freebsd machine for developing for Android, if possible.

Hmm. suggests that maybe the Linux distribution under FreeBSD's Linux emulation might be a possibility.


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