Building libreoffice on 8.3 x86-64, not

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Jun 22 23:51:51 UTC 2012

John Levine writes:

>  I have an 8.3 x86-64 system, fully patched, all ports but one up to date.
>  When I try to build libreoffice, it fails in various sub-builds.
>  Most of the sub-builds work when I retry them, except for
>  tail_build which fails repeatedly.

	There are known issues with libreoffice-3.5.2; the most common
have to do with problems choosing the correct library (usually
involving boost (port vs. libreoffice native)).
	There is a work-around, described in a revent thread in
office at .
	There is also reason for hope this will be fixed in 3.5.4.

				Robert Huff


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