FreeBSD 8.2 Add second hard drive multi-boot

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You need to put the FreeBSD boot manager on both disks.
Use bootcfg.


> Good morning, FreeBSD enthusiasts.  On my Hewlett-Packard xw4400 workstation, I had one hard drive.  I partitioned it with two slices, the first one for FreeBSD 8.2 with its native file system, and the second one for a future re-installation of Windows XP, to be formatted with NTFS file system.  FreeBSD 8.2 was then installed.  The Windows XP re-installation has not yet taken place.  Recently, I installed a second hard drive on the machine that was already formatted with two slices, both NTFS.  Already installed on the first of these slices is the Windows XP operating system with a special application program.  Already installed on the second slice is data.  It is my understanding that the FreeBSD loader is supposed to be able to load any operating system.  Upon power-up, the FreeBSD loader presents the following screen:  
> F1 Win
> F2 FreeBSD
> F5 Drive 1
> F6 PXE
> If I depress F1, I receive the response "BOOTMGR is missing.  Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart."  If I depress F2, FreeBSD loads normally.  If I depress F5, I receive the response "Missing operatin system."  How can I get the FreeBSD loader to load the Windows XP operating system from the second hard drive?  The G.P.T. disklabel is not used by either of these operating systems, so I do not believe that that is the problem.  Although the FreeBSD operating system seems to see the second hard drive, it does not mount it upon startup.  It does not appear in the fstab file.  I attempted to mount it manually using the mount command, without success, just to see if any of the data files could be read.  I ran fsidk -B on the zeroeth sector of the second hard drive, but that did not seem to help.  I know that this type of issue comes up repeatedly in the mailing lists, some of which I have read, but I am flummoxed.  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.  Your truly, Lee Shackelfo
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