Is ZFS production ready?

Marco Antonio Muskus Muskus mamuskus at
Thu Jun 21 17:04:45 UTC 2012

ZFS is superior to UFS. End of the history.

There is no point in use old technology (UFS) when the new one can make the same as the older and better ?


El 21/06/12 11:31, Matthias Gamsjager escribió:

On 21 jun. 2012, at 18:07, Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at><mailto:wojtek at> wrote:

stupid answer to stupid question.
You never seen - but they do happens.

In other topic you hammerd on  fact and if someone ask you to deliver them its a stupid question.

just a proof it is a waste of time to explain things (FOR FREE) for people like you.

You are free to make dangerous setups. People are free to hire you and believe at things what you do. People are free to then pay consequences of the results at unexpected time, as well as 10 times oversized hardware for a need.

At least this is still free :)

True but this applies as much to you. You think you know it all and that is quite the probdlem with you.
And  "discussing" with you is a true waste with this attittute. Even its free. _______________________________________________
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