Is ZFS production ready?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at
Thu Jun 21 16:53:58 UTC 2012

> My one note to the above would be to advise against using it for swap 
> - unless you have enough RAM to make sure you never swap.  It doesn't 
> do well in that role, in my experience.  (Though that was under a 
> slightly earlier version.)

I remember on SXCE running on my test Sun E420r server that ZFS (can't 
remember if this was in the spec file or not??) would use **any** usable 
or unpartitioned file system as swap. I maybe totally off-base with this 
as I was too knew to investigate the issue and was still learning 
Solaris at the time but all of a sudden a remote mounted external drive 
would start getting zapped by I/O usage. Of course it couldn't be any 
user as the only user for those machines was me and I wasn't doing 
anything on either system.

That was quite a weird thing, but happened many years ago so my memory 
is quite hazy on the specifics of the issue too....

I do recall running top to see swap usage at a few tens of gigs which 
was quite funny, of course unmounting the drive dropped the swap back to 
whatever got allocated by SXCE default.

> Daniel T. Staal



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