New to FreeBSD - Some questions

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Jun 21 13:38:28 UTC 2012

> Maybe a hint. I leave always one big release out. With other words. If you
> start now with 9, you do not have to move to 10 but you can stick with 9 until
> 11 comes out. You do not even have to upgrade at the spot.

my as i do - i for now run FreeBSD 8, and will run 9 when it will be 
needed with new hardware (drivers) or it will have clearly noticable 
adventages of speed and/or functionality.

> I think you see here Linux as a distribution. Things like this are avoided
> with FreeBSD itself but not wit the ports. The ports have nothing much to do
> with FreeBSD except that they work on FreeBSD.

repeating once again. FreeBSD base system is one complete and consistent 
thing. ports are another.

If one run program X under linux, it will be the same program X under 

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