Is ZFS production ready?

Dennis Glatting freebsd at
Thu Jun 21 12:39:14 UTC 2012

On Thu, 2012-06-21 at 12:03 +0430, Hooman Fazaeli wrote:
> Dear community
> In the past, I built a 8TB ZFS log server on freebsd 7.4.
> However, the system  experienced instablility after long up times.
> My main motive to use ZFS was UFS inability to support large
> file systems.
> Now, I want to the same thing on 8.3 and wanted to know
> your opinion on ZFS stability. Is there any success story using
> ZFS in 24x7, large volume, heavy duty servers? Is there any
> other option other than ZFS to build larger than 2TB file systems?

System 1: 32 cores, Interlagos, 64GB, 18TB RAIDz1
System 2: 64 cores, Interlagos, 128GB, 15TB RAIDz1
System 3: 8 cores, Bulldozer, 16GB, 27TB RAIDz2

Those are the main volumes on those systems. There are smaller ZFS
volumes. I have other systems also ZFS (total of seven systems),
typically with one or more 5-10TB RAIDz1 volumes. All systems RELENG_9.

Stable? Yes. Be sure you have up-to-date FreeBSD kernel and your HBA
firmware is up-to-date. Generally I use LSI 9211 cards.

That said, the weak point is the drives. For example, one system has 6
Hitachi 4TB drives and there are three more in other systems -- 30%
failure rate within one year. I've also had several failures with
Seagate drives across two years. Zero failures with WD drives (12 drives
in one ZFS array, IIRC) however those are slower, cheap drives.

I am also working with compressed volumes because my data is very large
and highly compressable. Compressed volumes, as you would expect, has a
significant kernel performance impact depending on what you are doing.

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