List flames (was Re: Why Clang)

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Thu Jun 21 10:00:09 UTC 2012

from Stephen Cook <sclists at>:

> No, this is unusual.  But also remember that most of these lists are not
> just unmoderated but open to posting without subscription.  Then it
> becomes kind of amazing at how little flaming and trolling there is.
> That's not an accident, the admins work hard to limit abuse.

> As an alternate, consider the forums (, which
> are moderated.

Because of FreeBSD lists being mainly unmoderated and open to posting without subscription, I notice some outright spams that slip through the list filters.

I believe (could possibly be wrong) that the lists have spam filters in place.

If a message has properties of spam, it will be held for a human moderator to see if it is spam (dump it) or not spam (let it through).


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