No sound in Flash

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed Jun 20 22:31:06 UTC 2012

> FreeBSD 9 (x86_64).
> Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I have googled assiduously and found nothing
> useful.
> I have installed Flash, following the instructions in the handbook.
Flash is adobe product and they don't provide binaries for FreeBSD, at 
least they didn't.

if you really need flash, you may install gnash from ports. not fully 
capable but usually works, and doesn't need linux emulator and closed 
source code.

Flash it not a standard. If you want flash mostly to view youtube use 
youtube-dl from ports.

xpi-unplug plugin for firefox (also in ports) often helps with pages that 
have movies embedded with player.

The side effect of using both tools would be having all movies actually 
downloaded - so you will actually HAVE that movies.

downloaded movies play fine with mplayer.

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