Attaching a monitor via vga

David Tilbrook dmtilbrook at
Wed Jun 20 00:52:59 UTC 2012

I have a thinkpad t61p running freebsd9.0.  The window size is 1680x1050
-- a reasonable size -- but the screen itself is 38cm. (15") which is
small for my old eyes.

So I want to attach an external monitor via a vga cable, which I have been
doing with my RedHat thinkpad A31P for years.

I tried attaching Asus VE228H (1920x1080) but it would display
only part of the window (the top-left corner). I get a similar behaviour
with a Samsung SyncMaster.

When I tried to xinit with the monitor attached, it displays an even smaller
part of the screen. (On my previous thinkpad with a Samsung, to get a
reasonable full window I had to unplug the vga, start xinit, and then plug
in the vga, but I can live with that.)

My questions:

1) What can I do to display the whole window on an external monitor?
2) Is there a monitor out there that would better support such use?
3) Would a Samsung T220HD 22" which claims to support 1680x1050
     work, and is there someone in Toronto who sells it and would let
     me test it? (Craigs list doesn't qualify).

-- david

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