Question about GEOM_ELI` root partition automount

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Tue Jun 19 20:00:53 UTC 2012

> The problem need to solve:
> Need have end system, when keyfile when boot will be created automatically, 
> and erased securelly just after root crypto` partition mounts (by dd with 
> of=keyfile, for example)
> That need to do because freebsd have remote hosting.
> Needs:
> To make key not (at least EASELY!) catched by unautorised personnel, and 
> noone cat pass password there after reboot or power fail/restore cases.
> Maby you can give me tip, what pard of src (and maby how, maby /boot/loader 
> src) need to change?

how do you want to enter that key?

i would make system bootable and ssh-able but with secure data unmounted 
and very small malloc based md device created. then you upload keyfile to 
it, run geli to attach encrypted device, overwrite md device and destroy 
md device.

if i understand correctly.

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