Why Clang

Nomen Nescio nobody at dizum.com
Tue Jun 19 11:52:42 UTC 2012

> Only facts? Well and good. Do you have any proof GNU is in any way 
> connected to any communist movement?

Yes, see the Gnu Manifesto. Hint: it's named that way for a reason.

> Do you have any facts (NOT living in your head) GPLvX is in any way
> inspired/based on/even remotely connected to/ ANY communist
> movement/party/literature?

Yes, see above. Stallman is a self-described atheist Marxist.

> information. So: since you are against GPL means you are communist. 
> Perhaps even stalinist. Period.

No, but that is a good example of a Marxist/Stalinist tactic. Lies, lies,
and more lies. The truth is Stallman is to software what Stalin was to
people. You must do everything according to his will or you will be branded
an enemy of the people. Sick, because in truth Stallman is an enemy of the
people. He's the programming equivalent of a televangelist, making a
religion out of his sick communist ideals and at the expense of honest
people who sell write and sell software. He wants to drive them out of
business but only so he can create more power and fame by making more
groupies. Sick!

> P.S. If needs be I could prove an opposite. And be quite a bit meaner.
> P.P.S. Now PLEASE take any moral/political/religious garbage out of this 
> mailing list to chat, advocacy or any other non-technical forum. 

Morality does have a place in software and everywhere else in life.

> GPL-vs-BSD, Linux-vs-Windows-vs-BSD-vs-whatever else, 
> Christianity-vs-Buddhism and so on does not belong here.

But it is "Free" BSD so freedom needs to be understood. GPL is wrong, it's
not free and it doesn't belong in FreeBSD.

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