Why Clang

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Jun 18 20:28:15 UTC 2012

> That's interesting discussion.
> I hit some cases where clang produced binaries were
> clearly faster than those made with latest gcc. But it's far
> from rule.

i did few more test on common unix tools, or my programs and results are 
that by average there are just as fast within 1% range.

by average it is just like gcc both im compiling speed and execution 

> Where you have found statements that clang is always
> faster than gcc?

from that mailing list - mostly from mark fedler. He even showed me some 
nice graphs to "prove" it - graphs showed speed of -O0 compilation.

>> From my perspective, it's almost as good OR better
> than gcc, with potential for further improvement and
> nice license, errors etc. Fair enough.
actually good licence is for me the only adventage over gcc.

But yes - it is great adventage.

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