Why Clang

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Jun 18 19:29:13 UTC 2012

>> gratification????  Seems like you ask for it.
> This might be to gratuitous for most on the list, but diversity is almost
> reason enough. And I don't mean this is some sort of fashion-way. I
> think llvm and clang are interesting and serious projects.

never told otherwise.

i just try to do what is really needed - something like "mythbusters" 
would help greatly here.

clang is very good C compiler, but JUST NOT BETTER than gcc.
overall it is comparable. at most.

wouldn't it be better to say - well, clang is good and OK, and we are not 
dependent of GNU communist licence v3 which is important.

But instead we here lies about incomparably better compiler. No it is not 
better. it is at the same class, in some respect actually worse.

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