Why Clang?

Thomas Mueller mueller230 at insightbb.com
Mon Jun 18 07:27:12 UTC 2012

> On 17 June 2012 21:37, Thomas Mueller <mueller230 at insightbb.com> wrote:
> > What is the current status of Clang vs. GCC as default compiler for ports and for
> > "make buildworld" and "make buildkernel" in HEAD and 9.0-STABLE?

> http://wiki.freebsd.org/PortsAndClang

> > Now one concern is wine not working when Clang is used to "make buildworld".

> This isn't good. Can you please follow up with more debugging
> information? (gdb backtrace with debugging symbols enabled)

> > I see from reading the emailing lists that the intention is to make Clang the default (or only?) compiler suite for 10.0-RELEASE.

> Yes.

> > I realize that still leaves much time to work out many of the bugs.

> We need your help though.

> Eitan Adler

Now you give me incentive to try current (HEAD) with Clang, on a separate partition from my 9.0-STABLE installation, if and when I get the time.

I could use the old 9.0-BETA1 partition.

I went straight for the wiki link you gave (PortsAndClang).

My information on wine not working with clang-compiled world came from the emailing list (freebsd-questions) rather than my own experience.

These pertinent messages come when the announcement of a new Wine-fbsd64 is announced.

Latest such message that I see is:

From: David Naylor <naylor.b.david at gmail.com>
Subject: Wine-fbsd64 updated to 1.4.1 (32bit Wine for 64bit FreeBSD)

Packages [1] for wine-fbsd64-1.4.1 have been uploaded to mediafire [2].  The
packages for FreeBSD 10 use the pkgng* [3] format.

There are many reports that wine does not work with a clang compiled world
(help in fixing this problem is appreciated as it affects quite a few users).

The patch [4] for nVidia users is now included in the package and is run on
installation (if the relevant files are accessible).  Please read the
installation messages for further information.



 MD5 (wine-1.4.x-freebsd8/wine-fbsd64-1.4.1,1.tbz) =
 MD5 (wine-1.4.x-freebsd9/wine-fbsd64-1.4.1,1.txz) =
 MD5 (wine-1.4.x-freebsd10/wine-fbsd64-1.4.1,1.txz) =
[2] http://www.mediafire.com/wine_fbsd64
[3] http://wiki.freebsd.org/pkgng
[4] The patch is located at /usr/local/share/wine/patch-nvidia.sh

(end of quote from David Naylor)


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