milter wants erase sendmail

Andrey S. Rybak ra at
Sat Jun 16 14:43:43 UTC 2012

> Have you added this to /etc/make.cnf?
Yes, I have
>    So if you go into
> /usr/ports/mail/sendmail and:
> # make config
> You will be able to enable tls and sasl2 (amongst a whole bunch of other
> stuff) giving you the correct functionality.
No, this is not give me possibility to enable tls or sasl2:
> [root at myComp /usr/ports/mail/sendmail]# make config
> ===>  No options to configure
> [root at myComp /usr/ports/mail/sendmail]# make rmconfig
> ===>  No user-specified options configured for sendmail-8.14.5
I have latest version of ports...

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