print woes

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Fri Jun 15 23:12:49 UTC 2012

got my hp officejet 8500 connected to network working a while ago but now I notice the following:

1. Using gv, pdf files in portrait orientation print fine.  pdf files in landscape orientation cause the printer to wake up but nothing prints.  No errors in the log.  Same behavior using lp or lpr.

2. lpoptions shows no printers.

3. lp -o landscape -o fit-to-page foo.pdf
  does the same (printer wakes up but prints nothing)

4. lpoptions -d lp (or any other printer name from /etc/printcap) says Unknown printer or class.

Not sure where to look from here.  Not sure how to tell what protocol is being used.  lpd is running but no cupsd.




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