FreeBSD 8.3 + MySQL 5.0.95

Simon simon at
Wed Jun 13 19:24:25 UTC 2012

>> I wish I could get some input from someone running MySQL server with 300+
>> queries a second and what MySQL version/build they are running.

>By all means-- while I'm quite familiar with busy databases, folks aren't running
>MySQL for that kind of TPS load.

Why not? it is designed precisely for this. Like I said, whenever I used MySQL
project community server built binaries, I never had it crash.

Right now I'm thinking:

1. the port build of 5.0.95 does something incorrectly.
2. it's running out of memory (FreeBSD's kernel still does not report out of memory
errors for processes if it kills them; there is no way to know if kernel killed a process
due to memory limit, it does not log this)
3. it's hitting some kind of 5.0.95 bug

Maybe I'm contacting wrong mailling list, I can't seem to get ahold of ISP/hosting guys
on this list. Truly amazing that for a server OS, there is so little input for something like
MySQL server. Perhaps everyone else is still using text files, does 10TPS, or runs
linux, don't know what to make of it :\


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