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Tue Jun 12 05:55:14 UTC 2012

On Mon, 11 Jun 2012, Arlen McIntyre wrote:

>  I have a ASUS laptop that came with Windows 7. I finally
> ended up with XP on one partition and Ubuntu on the other.
> ASUS only supports the Windows 7 OS with this particular
> architect. I want to keep XP on one partition and put FreeBSD
> on the other partition ( I already have created). The problem is that
> the files I see for installation are ISO files for booting.
>  I don't have audio in XP but it worked in Ubuntu. I was told by
> an authorized ASUS dealer that I would not find any support from them
> because of switching from the pre-installed Windows 7. I cannot update the
> drivers in the BIOS
> to tell my laptop to boot from DVD/CD.

Really?  What happens when you press F2 and keep it down during boot?

> How can I get FreeBSD on
> my other partition and have a dual OS system without the boot installation?
>   I cannot afford to buy FreeBSD.

FreeBSD is not for sale.  It is free.  Some services will sell releases on
CD or DVD, generally at very affordable prices which are well worth it
compared to downloading by dial-up.  But what those services are selling is
the media and the service of copying FreeBSD to the media and getting the
media into your hands.  You can download and/or install FreeBSD for free.

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