Arlen McIntyre fallofzero at
Tue Jun 12 03:36:01 UTC 2012

  I have a ASUS laptop that came with Windows 7. I finally
ended up with XP on one partition and Ubuntu on the other.
ASUS only supports the Windows 7 OS with this particular
architect. I want to keep XP on one partition and put FreeBSD
on the other partition ( I already have created). The problem is that
 the files I see for installation are ISO files for booting.
  I don't have audio in XP but it worked in Ubuntu. I was told by
an authorized ASUS dealer that I would not find any support from them
because of switching from the pre-installed Windows 7. I cannot update the
drivers in the BIOS
to tell my laptop to boot from DVD/CD. How can I get FreeBSD on
my other partition and have a dual OS system without the boot installation?

   I cannot afford to buy FreeBSD.



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