Newbie question: Why aren't my cron jobs running?

Walter Hurry walterhurry at
Tue Jun 12 02:26:09 UTC 2012

On Mon, 11 Jun 2012 19:10:21 -0700, Michael Sierchio wrote:

> Have you installed bash?  It's not in the system base.
> What's in your shell scripts?

Thanks for the quick response.

$ pkg_info|grep bash

bash-4.2.28         The GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell

$ which bash



$ less $HOME/bin/



logger -t walterh-cronjob Exports started

echo Exports started at `date` > $LOG

rm $HOME/postgresql/*

psql packages -f $HOME/sql/exports.sql

cd $HOME/postgresql

tar cfz postgresql.tgz *

rm *csv

echo Exports finished at `date` >> $LOG

logger -t walterh-cronjob Exports finished

/home/walterh/bin/ (END)

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