any way to grab just One port to upgrade?

Robert Simmons rsimmons0 at
Mon Jun 11 22:14:53 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 6:02 PM, Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:
> it is easy to cvs or cvsup ports and get a whole slew of ports in
> /usr/ports/distfiles, but too often, using portmaster [or another
> tool], I'll have only one of two ports that fail because they are
> either 1) broken, or 2) out of date.  is there any way I can grab
> just the ones that fail to compile?  I'm down to fewer than 50
> ports.
> and wedged.

You don't want to have /usr/ports out of sync.  You want to let
cvsup/portsnap do it's thing.  It's ideal to have the whole ports
collection up-to-date.  You may want to start with a clean slate and
cvsup/portsnap a fresh copy of the ports collection if you think that
something is amiss.  You can make a backup of /usr/ports for peace of
mind too.

Also, can you please supply exactly what ports you're talking about
and what commands you are running to upgrade?  Error output for the
ports you say are broken would be another good thing to supply.

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