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Brian W. brian at
Mon Jun 11 14:21:15 UTC 2012

There are two advantages that come to mind quickly.

With amd64 you could install more than 4 gigs of ram and have it
recognized. With i386 if you need to do this pae would need to be
installed,  which FreeBSD doc pages say is if beta quality.

I bet that amd64 will get more dev attention.
On Jun 10, 2012 11:21 PM, "Doug Hardie" <bc979 at> wrote:

> I have a number of servers that I am about to upgrade to FreeBSD 9.0.  The
> processors all have the ability to run i386 or amd64.  The machines all
> have 2 GB memory which is more than adequate for their intended use.  Some
> of these are replacing very old equipment that is being retired and did not
> have the ability to run amd64 so everything has been i386 till now.  The
> question is what are the advantages or disadvantages of switching to amd64?
>  I have tested all the various applications on amd64 and they work fine.
>  Is there going to be any benefit down the road in a few years to being on
> amd64?  If so, now would be the time to switch.
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